Musical Arrangements To Accompany Events

Literary Evenings
Art exhibits
Live performances
Corporate Parties

Concert Planning, Organization and Production

The program includes both concert and background music of various genres: classical, pop, jazz and improv. Copyrighted compositions are also presented to inspire interest and involvement.

Online Piano Lessons

Private lessons are given in composition, solfeggio, harmony and improvisation for all ages. An individual approach is employed in musical “ear” development in which the students select their favorite piano tunes. In all piano lessons, my specially developed technique for teaching is utilized.

Sound Recording Services

• Arrangement
• Music to order
• Training in music programs (Reaper, Ableton Live, Cubase, Reason, FL Studio)
• Exposure to VST tools and plugins
• Creating electronic music with a computer
• Familiarization through work with MIDI and with analog synthesizers (Korg, Nord, Yamaha, Roland)
• Photography and video production, visiting photo shoot or video recording session.

Requests for services of a pianist or studio can be made by using the contact info below. We will contact you during working hours.

For direct contact, call: +37126736670 (Gennady Grinko), or email: