The original author’s repertoire, accumulated over 25 years, includes piano compositions of various eras and genres: classical music, popular jazz, modern hits, widely known pop music, Russian romance music, film scores and the author’s melodic compositions.


In my repertoire, one can listen to ready-made songs and musical works by miscellaneous artists, singers, vocalists and musicians I have taught.

Making Beats

Music is diverse. Any song or track is based on an original idea.

Subsequently, the author forms an idea in the style he or she chooses personally, in the mood it seems appropriate (lyrical, aggressive, etc.), and in the tempo he or she desires (that of a ballad or dance music, for example), and a textual outline then seemingly appears.

Once the text is written, the author selects the instrumental component of the bit.

Creating beats for music is a fascinating process in which the author develops original, personal grooves as he or she designs compositions.

The desire to discover something new in musical art never escapes me!

With great pleasure, I continue to develop my compositions in the Neomelodic style, which is complex while complicated, but it poignantly penetrates the soul of every listener and connoisseur of musical art.

Searching for new musical forms and building my composition structure are the most integral drives in my creative life!