Online school

The online school, PIANIGENIO offers piano courses, solfeggio lessons, harmony and composing for beginners. Students learn to play popular melodies by notes, to understand chord notation and to select their favourite music by ear. In addition to learning to play the piano, we also recommend solfeggio and vocal lessons. An integrated approach makes music lessons more effective and diverse.

Online courses in creating music cover all the components of electronic musical creativity — composing, performing, sound engineering — and correlate with a system of theoretical and technical knowledge of music.

Depending on the goals and wishes of students for lessons in creating electronic music, they can study:

• Operating musical sequencers (Ableton Live, Reaper, FL Studio, Cubase)
• Operating VST virtual synthesizers (Nexus, Spectrasonic Omnisphere, Kontakt)
• Operating music editors (Finale, Sibelius)

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