Hello, and welcome to my website http://pianogenio.com

I am Gennady Grinko, and I am a professional pianist, composer and music producer.

Born in Ventspils, Latvia, my music studies began there at age five when my mother enrolled me in music school where I became acquainted with the piano.

My first music compositions came into being while I was in school. I presented my first musical works, such as Toccata and Etude, to my piano teacher, Nina Surovtseva, who approved them and encouraged me to present them to another venerable teacher, Rita Grinberga. This marked the point where my music composition skills began to grow. It has always been my desire to hear a melody and commit it to memory. I believe that an original melody is the most crucial component of a composition, and the ability to remember it upon hearing it facilitates improvisation in my own compositions.


Listening to the music of various composers, such as Rachmaninoff, I always remember the melody. While on my way to music school, I could completely recite the melody of ‘Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini’, one of my favourite works by the composer.

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